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The Cooks River Portal

Within this portal you will find an extensive range of information on the Cooks River Environment, including:

Artwork right: Ann Fenton, a long-term Mudcrab, has had one of her paintings accepted into the Marrickville Contemporary Art  Prize Exhibition. The painting, set on the Cooks River, is a clever twist on Sydney Long's 1894 painting 'By Tranquil Waters', set at Waterworth Park, Tempe called "Long before Sydney, Tranquil waters Time Warp".

Cleaning up the Cooks River
A proposal has been made for Council to support a new plan to help clean up and protect one of our most important natural assets - The Cooks River. This is the first step taken to establish a long-term plan to clean up the Cooks River.

The proposal includes the establishment of a Cooks River Improvement Working Group and to invite Marrickville Council and other interested Councils to be involved. The Working Group will also be examining ways to secure long-term and ongoing funding to clean up the river and prevent further pollution.

We need a long term strategy for the Cooks River Catchment that gives us a clear plan and funding certainty to ensure the future health of the River. The first task will be to undertake a comprehensive audit of the Cooks River and identify targets for bringing new life to the waterway.

With our Canterbury Town Centre Masterplan giving us a chance to remove industrial uses along the foreshore, the time is right to bring renewed commitment to our River.

This new Working Group is part of our Council's commitment to protecting the environment and restoring the rivers former glory.

For more information

If you need more information on the topics covered within the pages in this section, please contact Council's Team Leader Environmental Issues on 9789 9422.

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The Cooks River Alliance is a CRFWG-initiated partnership between eight councils - Ashfield, Bankstown, Canterbury, City of Sydney, Hurstville, Marrickville, Rockdale and Strathfield and is focused on six local areas within the Cooks River catchment. The project team will work with communities, businesses and councils for long term improvement of the catchment. Visit the website to find out more »


Last Updated 5-Dec-2013