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Cooks River Foreshores Working Group

End of an era for the Cooks River

The Cooks River Foreshores Working Group took down its shingle on 30 June 2011, after more than 11 hardworking and productive years of driving big improvements for the Cooks River.

The success of the CRFWG has led to the formation of a new and better resourced Cooks River Alliance whose primary focus will be natural resource management for a healthier Cooks River and catchment. The Alliance is currently supported by the eight former CRFWG-member councils - Ashfield, Bankstown, City of Canterbury, City of Sydney, Hurstville, Marrickville, Rockdale and Strathfield Councils - and it is hoped that the other catchment councils will join forces as well.

New staff for the Cooks River Alliance are currently being recruited and will be hosted by Strathfield Council. Until they are on-board, you can contact the following people for information about:

Cooks River Alliance
Cooks River Foreshores Working Group
OurRiver - Cooks River Sustainability Initiative
Bernadette Murray, Strathfield Council,, 02 9748 9982

Cooks River Path Signage Project
Cooks River Enviro Workers (CREW) - rubbish clean-up and weed removal
Nell Graham, City of Canterbury,, 02 9789 9422

RiverLife Interpretive Tour Program
Victoria Currie, Marrickville Council,, 02 9335 2254

A new website is also under development and will be completed and managed by the Alliance staff. So keep an eye on in the months ahead.

Cooks River Foreshores Working Group (CRFWG) Annual Reports

Download CRFWG_2010.pdf CRFWG Annual Report 2009-10 (5.25MB)

Download CRFWG_2008.pdfCRFWG Annual Report 2008-09 (6.54MB)

Download CRFWG_2006-2008.pdfCRFWG Annual Report 2006-07 & 2007-08 (6.09MB)

Download CRFWG_2006.pdfCRFWG Annual Report 2005-06 (656KB)

Download CRFWG_2005.pdfCRFWG Annual Report 2004-05 (297KB)

Download CRFWG_2004.pdfCRFWG Annual Report 2003-04 (1.13MB)

The Cooks River Foreshores Working Group (CRFWG) is a voluntary association of local councils and state government agencies who have been working together since 1998 to improve the health and amenity of the Cooks River, its foreshores and catchment environment.

Guided by the vision, objectives and strategies of the Cooks River Foreshores Strategic Plan (Clouston 1997), the CRFWG facilitates and promotes regional collaboration by key stakeholders to establish a more holistic and coordinated approach to the management of the River.

The CRFWG and the Strategic Plan aim to address the entire range of issues relevant to river and catchment management in order to realise the full potential of this valuable natural, recreational, cultural and education resource for the benefit of the community and the environment. Issues addressed range from biodiversity, water quality and riverbank management, to access and recreation, community engagement and education, and the planning and administration needed to move from strategies on paper to actions on the ground.

The CRFWG provides a forum for the councils and other key stakeholders responsible for managing the Cooks River, its foreshores and catchment, to come together to:

  • Exchange information and discuss issues and ideas
  • Develop partnerships to address common issues and achieve common objectives
  • Develop joint applications for funding of foreshore and river improvement projects
  • Develop joint submissions advocating desired Cooks River and foreshore outcomes
  • Develop and implement joint strategies for publicising and promoting Cooks River and the aims and achievements of the CRFWG, in order to attract support for further improvement programs
  • Encourage and promote research in the Cooks River catchment

Through regional collaboration, the CRFWG seeks to ensure coordination of efforts, professional management, optimal use of resources and greater impact on government policies and decisions affecting the River than could be achieved through working separately.

The CRFWG today plays a pivotal role in driving Cooks River improvement. Its efforts and initiative have helped to attract significant support for council and community projects aimed at improving the Cooks River system, and have spawned numerous valuable regional and local projects which are changing the face of the River day by day.

Related Information

The Cooks River Alliance is a CRFWG-initiated partnership between eight councils - Ashfield, Bankstown, Canterbury, City of Sydney, Hurstville, Marrickville, Rockdale and Strathfield and is focused on six local areas within the Cooks River catchment. The project team will work with communities, businesses and councils for long term improvement of the catchment. Visit the website to find out more

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