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Sharon studied Art and Photography at Reading University in the U.K. and the Slade School of Fine Art in London. With further studies in technical photography in Australia, she specialises in printmaking and photography. She’s a member of Sydney Printmakers, a group of artists who exhibit in Australia and overseas. She’s taught art and photography and has exhibited at the Sydney’s Kodak Gallery.  

Her work is about the world we live in, and the issues which particularly concern her. Growing up in apartheid South Africa, race issues have always been of primary importance, and these were reflected in her art. Other issues such as environmental issues are very important, to her, and the Cooks River, being close to where she lives, is a case in point. She has photographed people and places along the Cooks River.

She spent many months walking along and photographing the river and its environment, and then processed and printed her photographs. She wanted to show the positive aspects seen in restoration of the river to its past glory, as well as the degradation and pollution of the parts of the river. Not everything is beautiful in her photographs, but art is not solely about beauty.


Collage Green Ye Olde

A_Day_at_the_Races A_River_Runs_Through_It As_the_Clouds_Roll_By Big_City_Blues
A Day at the Races A River Runs Through It As the Clouds Roll By Big City Blues
Leap_into_the_Void Nothing_Sacred Pattern_for_Plunder Rhythm_on_the_River
Leap into the Void Nothing Sacred Pattern for Plunder Rhythm on the River
Run_Silent_Run_Deep Running_Against_Time The_Bicycle_Thieves The_Game_is_Over
Run Silent Run Deep Running Against Time The Bicycle Thieves The Game is Over
The_Great_Outdoors The_Great_Smokey_Roadblock_ The_Mirror The_Story_of_Mankind
The Great Outdoors The Great Smokey Roadblock The Mirror The Story of Mankind
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