Moorefields Methodist Cemetery, Kingsgrove
(previously known as Belmore then Lakemba, now Kingsgrove).

Moorefields Methodist Cemetery, Kingsgrove is located behind the church at 96a Moorefields Road, Kingsgrove (public access through Maramba Close).  It is believed to be the oldest cemetery in Canterbury City with the first of over 1155 listed burials recorded on 6 January, 1855 for Emma Lees. The burial records can not be substantiated due to a fire destroying the early records in 1905. Mr Percy William Cant and Albert W Miller compiled limited records from memory. These records and other surviving cemetery records were referenced for this project.

Plots can no longer be purchased. Canterbury City Council is custodian of this cemetery and people with existing rights can arrange for relatives to be interred.

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