Canterbury City Cemeteries Online

Where can I find further information?

Canterbury & District Historical Society has collected biographies and pictorial information on Canterbury City pioneers since 1954. This material is available to researchers by contacting the Society.

The Local History Collection at Canterbury City Library holds the surviving burial records for Moorefields Cemetery. The library has also collected family histories and other biographical and pictorial information about Canterbury City pioneers intermittently from the 1960s and actively since 1984. Most of this information has been either donated or loaned by residents to copy for the Local History Collection. This material includes photographs of the churches, cemeteries and headstones; a few photographs of early pioneers buried in the cemeteries; assignments donated by university students and; family and church histories. Photographs and other material held in the Local History Collection are gradually being published on Canterbury City Councilís website.

Would anyone be interested in information I have collected about my family?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Canterbury & District Historical Society and the Local History Collection at Canterbury City Library are both very interested in collecting information and portraits of people who have lived in Canterbury City. This information may be in the form of family trees, biographical notes, memories recorded by our ancestors, photographs, etc.

Having a copy of this material in both repositories means it is available to more researchers and family historians, as both organisations are open on different days and different times. Both organisations will happily accept donations or are happy to borrow your material to copy for the collections.


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