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Saint Saviour's Cemetery, Punchbowl

St Saviour's Church of England Cemetery, Punchbowl is located behind St Saviour's Church of England Church, 1353 Canterbury Road, Punchbowl. There is a double gate at the Viola Street entrance to the cemetery and from Canterbury Road there is open access through the church grounds. The cemetery occupies 2.750 square metres out of the total Church site of 5.090 square metres

The first recorded burial was for Catherine Elizabeth Pearson (age 36 years) on 19th February, 1878. There are many early pioneers of Canterbury City among the 1175 recorded burials.

Plots can no longer be purchased in the cemetery, however, people with existing rights can arrange for relatives to be interred by contacting the Reverand at St Saviour's Anglican Church, Punchbowl.

Earliest Dates of Death Recorded on Monuments

James FENWICK* 6.4.1862 died at sea
Peter FENWICK* 6.4.1862 died at sea
Beatrice FENWICK** 14.2.1877 died at Lochinvar
Nellie MILLER** 17.11.1877  
Catherine PEARSON 19.2.1878  
James BOND 14.6.1878  
Maria MILLER 25.6.1878  
Rebecca BOND 17.7.1884  
Ellen BOND 2.1.1885  
Adam BOND 20.6.1885  

* Due James and Peter Fenwick dying at sea their bodies are not buried in the Fenwick Family vault.

**It is not recorded if Beatrice Fenwick and Nellie Miller are buried at St Saviours - the inscription on their headstones only give their dates of death.

The following details are extracted from the inscriptions on the headstones.

Earliest Monuments

Catherine PEARSON 19.2.1878
James BOND 14.6.1878
Ann and Adam BOND 17.7.1884, 20.6.1885


Earliest Dates of Birth (calculated from age at death)

Adam BOND 1811
Andrew FENWICK 1812
Ann BOND 1814
Mary SPIKE 1817
Nathaniel SPIKE 1819
Ludwig PASSEYER 1820
John MUNRO 1828
Francis LEVINGSTON 1831
Lois PASSEYER 1831
Maria MILLER 1832
James MILNER 1832
James FENWICK 1833
Elizabeth LEECH 1834
Peter LINDGREN 1834
Emma SILVER 1834

Places of Origin

John FENWICK Newburgh, Scotland
George S. THOMPSON Geelong, Victoria
Henry GILL Tumut, NSW
Mary PINE Adelaide, South Australia
Nathaniel SPIKE Falmouth, Cornwall
George FINBOW Suffolk, UK.
Grace DICKENSEN Beverley, Yorkshire.UK
Violet PETTIFORD England.
Alice PETTIFORD England.
Henry CULLEN Westminster, UK
Ellen CAMERON Leslow Farm, Cheshire,UK
James C. BLACKBURN Scremerston, Berwick-on-Tweed
James LEVINGSTON County Cavan, Ireland
Frances LIVINGSTON County Cavan, Ireland
Robert LEVINGSTON County Cavan, Ireland
Catherine PEARSON County Armagh, Ireland

Evidence of Occupation

John FENWICK               Ship Owner

Died in other Places

Beatrice FENWICK Lochinvar, NSW
Andrew FENWICK Died at sea
James FENWICK Died at sea
Peter FENWICK Died at sea
George THOMPSON Gerringong, NSW
Willie GIBSON Bollon, Queensland
Charles GIBSON Dardanelles
Rose KING England
George ROFFE England

Causes of Death

Kenneth THORN 19.11.1951 Accidentally killed
Percy WILLIAMSON 31.10.1918 Died of injuries whilst on active service
Donald MEREDITH 2.9.1954 Result of accident
Andrew FENWICK 8.4.1966 Died at sea
Oswald THOMPSON 2.3.1908 Accidentally killed
James THOMPSON 23.4.1946 Died of accident
Charles GIBSON 7.8.1915 Killed in action
Will DILLOW 1.10.1918 Killed in action
George STEPHENSON 1.11.1935 Died as a result of accident at Hurstville Oval
Alan JARVIS 5.6.1948 Result of accident
Archibald KNOX 22.8.1915 Killed in action
Norman TOWNSEND 2.8.1942 Accidentally killed
Alan BRISBANE 20.5.1964 Accidentally killed
Lindsay BRISBANE 11.12.1972 Result of accident

Names of Stonemasons

Cole Brothers, Punchbowl
E. Roberts, St Peters
W.H. Coxhead, 62 Clevand Street, Sydney
Taylor & Sons, Elizabeth Street, Sydney
Patten Brothers, 302 Pitt Street, Sydney
Andrews & Son, Lidcombe
Rickey and Holt, Canterbury
Star Memorial Company
T. Collier, Campsie
Larcombe & Company (still in business in 1993)
Cleveland, North Sydney

Ministers of religion and Parish Wardens

George Dunkley (Congregational Minister) 15.8.1919 Husband of Charlotte (nee Fenwick)

Hubert Rogers (Reverand) 15.8.1960 Late Rector of St Barnabas (Rector of St Saviours 1938-1959)

Frank Griffith (Reverand) 6.9.1961

Lindsay Brisbane

Reginald Noake

Men who Served in the Armed Services

Charles GIBSON 7.8.1915 Sergeant, 1st Light Horse Brigade
Archibald KNOX 22.8.1915 Private, 18th Battalion
L.W. TEITZEL 29.7.1916 Lieutenant, C Company 25th Battalion, AIF
Frank James LAWRENCE 4.9.1916 Private, AIF
Will DILLOW 1.10.1918 Lieutenant
Percy WILLIAMSON 31.10.1918 Bandsman, 4th Battalion, AIF
F.O. PORTER 10.11.1918 Private (DCM)
V. HUCKSTADT 15.5.1924 53rd Battalion
Charles MANEWELL 28.7.1925 Private, 33rd Battalion
James Edward DYER 31.7.1931 Corporal (9129), 13th Field Ambulance, AIF
Arthur GRIFFIN 18.5.1932 Private (54673), 35th Battalion
Charles WESTHEIDER 20.9.1938 Private, 1st Pioneer Battalion
Claude HONEYMAN 27.6.1940 Private (506), 1st Battalion, AIF
S.W. BRAND 27.5.1949 Private, 34th 33rd Battalion
L.A.V. BECKETT 8.5.1956 Private (1571), 1st Battalion

Men Killed in Action

Charles GIBSON 7.8.1915 Killed in action, Dardanelles
Archibald KNOX 22.8.1915 Killed in active service, Gallipoli
Alfred BRISCOE 24.12.1915 On active service
Will DILLOW 1.10.1918 In action, France

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